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For many years I have been inspired and fascinated by Kahlo and the vibrancy and colour of her palette, the detail and almost naive quality, the beautiful and the grotesque, which draws the viewer into her world.

I began studying Kahlo’s paintings as an artist painter; looking at her techniques I felt it was important not to directly copy. My immediate response was to change my canvas - I decided to make furniture my canvas.

If you are not familiar with my work, my natural style is large, fluid, flamboyant and immediate, with bold swift application, contrary to Kahlo who would painstakingly work on tiny details for many hours. In an attempt to follow some elements of Kahlo’s work I have been working against my natural style, therefore, in some respects I had been emulating techniques which are foreign to me.

I believe we are becoming passive rather than proactive as a society. We are forgetting how to do and make things, we rather expect to be entertained through TV and computers etc. I run arts and craft workshops for children and adults and am a firm believer in the therapy of art. I also think that art was Frida Kahlo’s therapy.

I have a personal interest in traditional crafts which I use in my community and school art projects and workshops, so I feel it is appropriate to mix these crafts into this collection using methods such as stitching, rag  (podge)- rugging, crochet, embroidery and decoupage, then combining them with painting and collage, thus creating a unique collection of fine art. 

My canvases are a combination of fabric, furniture and ‘found objects’, built up in many layers in the hope that they create more stories or scenarios. Most of the furniture pieces are from early last century from during Kahlo’s lifetime, I originally chose them in order to test the idea of creating ‘functional art’, however, in reality the outcome is ‘non-functional /functional art’.

I decided to hold this exhibition over the period of The Day of the Dead, a celebratory day in Mexico which, and, as my understanding has it, is a fusion of the Roman Catholic - All Saints / All Souls Day brought over from Spain, together with the ancient native American tradition of celebration of life and death, which was originally a month long event.

Although my event is not a purist celebration I  simply hope to create an essence using my personal interpretation; however we do have a couple of coincidences, one being that in Mexico the Day of the Dead symbol is La Catrina (sometimes spelt with a ‘K’), and my name is Katrina, secondly the Mexican day of the dead falls very close to our Halloween, which it quite fitting.


Pg  1. Welcome Page:

Artist’s Statement, ‘This is all a fantasy...This is my homage to Frida Kahlo’.

Pg  2. Katrina The Artist:

About Katrina and her Art. C.V. Past Exhibitions.

Pg  3. Gallery 1:

Hangings: Mixed media textile, paint and stitch - wall hangings.

Pg  4. Gallery 2:

Furniture: chairs, tables, cupboards, used as a canvas, painted and collaged.

Pg  5. Gallery 3:

Rugs: Rag rugging, painting & mixed media textiles using traditional proddy-rugging techniques.

Pg  6. Gallery 4:

Cushions: Made with different techniques, including rag-rugging and painting.

Pg  7. About The Art:

About Katrina’s Art: Images and descriptions of Kahlo’s work and how Katrina has interpreted them into her own artwork.

Pg  8. All About Frida: A  small biography and some films about Frida Kahlo, her life and work and her relationship with Diego Rivera.

Pg  9. Day of The Dead:

About the origins and history of this fascinating fusion festival.

Pg 10. Publicity:

Publicity shoot images, newspaper magazine articles and radio and publicity film.

Pg 11. Past Event:

A scrap book of snapshots and film from the exhibition, ‘Homage to Frida Kahlo’.

Pg 12. Hire Me:

Information about talks and workshops.

Katrina: in her studio rag-rugging

Hello and welcome to my new and improved website I do hope you enjoy! :)

I have now included more information about my art, about me as an artist and my inspiration for this body of functional and non functional Art, ‘Frida Kahlo’

Please take a look at the contents page below which has been designed to help you navigate the site;

There are Four Art galleries plus an About The Art page, which gives a description about the work, the ideas and an image of Kahlo’s original artwork to contrast and compare. There is information about ‘The Day of The Dead’ because I felt it was significant to Frida Kahlo and the tradition of Mexico. Plus publicity I have received for this work, as well as the film we created and photo shoot where I embody the persona of Kahlo. I will be adding to and updating this site more regularly, any information you would like to see included or suggestions please feel free to contact me; Katrina.atkinson.art@gmail.com

This is all a fantasy ...  this is my Homage to Frida Kahlo‘

Katrina Atkinson:

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