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© Katrina Atkinson 2011

The Delightful Ashton Court, previous home of the fantastic Bristol Music Festival, permanent home to the University West of England and now running a Visitors Centre with Exhibition Space.

 ‘Homage to Frida Kahlo’
  A fine art exhibition of Functional Art.

Photo courtesy of Ashton Court Bristol:

Solo Exhibition:   by Katrina Atkinson


                The Hayloft, Ashton Court, Bristol, BS41 9JN.


          Friday 28th October - Tuesday 1st November 2011 Open:

                Daily 11am - 5 pm.


            Sunday 30th October 2011 (Day of the Dead) 12noon-5pm Tickets available. - Music, food and drink in true Mexican style will be served during the reception, with rhythm provided by the locally based Cuban Salsa band: K'CHEVERE 

email or click here to get your Tickets.

Contact on the day: 07817907578 or 07751126557

Photos by:

Lisa Ebert


Sacha Atkinson

Main Exhibition Hall:
Setting UP:
Live CUban Band - K’Chevere:
Fresh Mexican Cuisine:
Piñata fun for the Young Ones:
Goody Bags:

© Katrina Atkinson 2011


My 8 year old Daughter designed this poster, she put them up around the village :)

Thank You:)