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Katrina: The Artist

Katrina Atkinson is British born; lives and works in Cheddar Gorge in Somerset. She was born in 1970 and has been a practising artist since graduating at Plymouth University in 2002. She balances bringing up her daughter alongside her art practice.

“My daughter has been a great teacher for me in my art, she is also my hardest critic. Because of my little girl I have become involved in working with children within the arts, something I would not have contemplated without having had my daughter.”

Katrina had a very unconventional upbringing in rural Somerset, her parents were wheelwrights, restoring and making new, horse-drawn carts, carriages and gypsy caravans. Her step- father did the woodwork, her mother the painting, gold leaf and scrolling.

“For many years I moved away from the Bohemian lifestyle, yet somehow it  subconsciously persists;  so often influences emerge in my work.”

“I am very interested in the community and ‘community- art for all’ and have worked with varying client groups, children of all ages, during school classes, after school/holiday clubs, other settings such and home education groups, adults with learning disabilities, and physical disabilities and the elderly. I have also volunteered with charity organizations Cheshire Homes, and for C.A.T. Creative Art Therapies in Bath”.

“I also believe in Art as therapy; I am interested in the psychology of creating art and crafts; the profound effects found to be revealed when people participate in creative /art activities.

This fundamental is a reoccurring theme close to my heart and permeates through my own art practice. I do believe that everyone has artistic capabilities, they may not have exercised the muscles, but it is there ready to tap into.”

“Without the creative outlet I find I am not so happy or balanced within my life; my art practice is like a meditation, it quietens and focusses the mind, evoking abilities to problem solve, make decisions, life skills that can help us in each aspect of our life from the personal to the professional.

C. V.
Katrina Atkinson

I am hard working and very enthusiastic, I am told my enthusiasm for my subject is contagious. I work well within a team dynamic; though I am always happy to work individually and use my own initiative. Always busy, a natural at multitasking, I am reliable, determined and enjoy a challenge, yet very flexible, I adapt easily to new situations and I am accustomed to thinking on my feet. My long term aim is to continue to develop my art practice professionally, increase my audience and exhibit internationally. 

My Art Practice is continuous; Other Part-time positions I have been involved with as a Visiting artist:

Activities Co-ordinator, Court House Retirement Home, Cheddar.                Sept 10- continuing
Visiting Artist. Cheddar First School, Cheddar Somerset.                             Sept 07- continuing
Visiting Artist. GLOW. Home Education Organisation.                                  Jan-May 2010
Arts and Crafts organiser. After School Club Assistant.                                May 2007 -Sept 2009

B.A. Hon’s Fine Art 2nd Class Upper Division.                 June 2002  Plymouth University.
Dip HE. (HND) Distinction.Integrated Art & Design.         June 2000  UWE Bristol. 
Ceramics. Certificate Ceramics.                                       Jan  1998   UWE Bristol.
Foundation Art. Pass. Student of the year award.            June 1997  Weston College.
BETEC Nat Dip Design/fashion.                                       June 1990  SCAT.

I am a trustee and volunteer co-ordinator for CAT ( Community Art Therapies) charity aimed towards carers in B&NES (Bath & North East Somerset). I have also worked as a  volunteer at Cheshire Homes and fundraiser on Cheddar First School PTA.
C.R.B: I hold several enhanced CRBs.

Over all It is my belief that creativity is one of the most undervalued subjects in our British education system. No value is given to art as a subject, yet it seems to be forgotten that without art and creativity there would be no commerce; the financial aspects and number crunching may be the result of business per se but the creation is artistic derivation.”

You can find out more about Katrina and her Art by browsing around the other pages of this  fridakahloinspiredart website please have a good look around! Contact her if you have any questions or suggestions; info@katrina-art.com You may like to see her other websites and projects:





‘I Look forward to hearing from you soon!  kx :)’


                                                                         List of Exhibitions.

‘SWANSONG‘                                Hans Price Gallery.             W.S.M.          2000                Group Exhibition.

‘Women’s Prerogative‘               The Chapel Gallery.           Bath              2001                Solo Show.

                                                        The old Docks Factory.     Exeter.          2001               Group Exhibition.

‘Degree Show‘                             Plymouth University.         Exeter.          2002               Group Exhibition.

‘Photographs from India‘         The Fraser Hall/Library.   Cheddar.       2004                Solo Show. (Curated.)

‘Chickens‘                                    Church Hall.                        Cheddar.       2006                Solo Show.

‘Ooh La La‘                                   View from the Top.           Nottingham. 2007               Group Exhibition.

‘S.A.W.                                          Open Studios.                     Cheddar.       2009               Solo Show.

‘Homage to Frida Kahlo‘           Ashton Court.                    Bristol.           20011             Solo Show.

‘A Taste of WINEhouse‘             The Sheppey.                     Godney.         2013               Solo Show.


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