1. Frida Kahlo Collection of Functional Art: 2009-2011 © 2011 Katrina Atkinson

Hire Me!

Hire me!

for Workshops, Talks & Lectures..


Schools,Colleges,Retirement/Residential Homes, W.I.s & Clubs...

For Children & Adults for all ages & abilities.

I can tailor make a workshop/talk to your requirements:

‘The Frida Kahlo Experience


A Day of Mexican, Art, Food and Culture.

I will provide everything you need! All you need is your enthusiasm!

I will introduce you to Frida Kahlo, in my opinion one of the most exciting and inspirational Mexican female artist of the 20th Century. We will look at her wild, challenging and emotional life through her art using a combination of imagery.

I will show samples of Kahlo’s work and we will have the opportunity to discuss her life and art. You will be encouraged to think about how you would like to interpret her work this could be through her techniques & her brush strokes, colour or how she portrayed her life through her canvases.

‘I paint my reality rather than my dreams’. Kahlo.

There will be the opportunity for everyone to become practical and create a composition based on the days learning.

It is not necessary to have any previous experience this workshop is suitable for all levels!

Rag Rugging (Proddy Style).


A day of learning a traditional Craft

that was used by our forefathers.

You will learn the techniques and we will explore the various uses of Rag-Rugging with the view to commencing a piece of work.

Order of the day;

1. We will discuss the origins, history and techniques of rag rugging around the world.

2. You will design a piece of work ready for your chosen piece of Rag-work.

  1. 3.You will transfer the design onto hessian for the chosen project.

  2. 4.We will have plenty of time for making and practicing the technique.

I will show you how to finish off the piece and back it ready for hanging.

I will provide you with all the materials and tools you require;

Paper, Card, Tracing Paper, Scalpel, scissors, Hessian, Fabric, Peg, ETC.....

It is not necessary to have any experience for this workshop it will suite all abilities!

I am passionate about my subject Art and Crafts are something I feel should be kept going for generations to come. Not only for the reasons of loosing our heritage and traditions, but also because of the health benefits there is to be gained from creating, art and crafts, such as dexterity, problem solving and calming the mind, I feel if we don’t keep using these muscles ‘we’ may begin to loose the ability to do and make and create, computers are here to stay and are predominant throughout so much of our lives therefore it is important to readdress the balance.

Therefore one of my life missions is to keep Creativity alive and one way I do this is to be a Visiting Artist in schools, colleges, and other institutions For children and adults of all walks of life:

Hire Me Prices!

Because each project tends to be tailor made to suit individual and group needs this is a price guide, please do not hesitate to contact me for more specific charges; katrina.atkinson.art@gmail.com


Price guide £48 per day per person. 6hrs. (to include, materials, lunch & refreshments.) When you come to me.

Visiting Arts/Crafts facilitator:

Homes Residential/Retirement £20 per hour (recommended 2hrs) Plus £3.50 per person materials. I have a 6 week programmes available with a variety of Arts and Craft projects for all abilities.

Visiting Artist School projects:

Variable Rates.

W.I and other Clubs Talks/Demonstrations workshops:

£60 (approx 2hr slots) Plus 50p per mile.